How do I Become a Member of the Young Forensic Scientists Forum?

Thank you for your interest in the Young Forensic Scientists Forum! The YFSF is part of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

The YFSF is dedicated to the education, enrichment and development of emerging forensic scientists and future leaders of the field. The participants of the YFSF are drawn from all sections and membership levels of the AAFS. The YFSF provides an avenue for new forensic scientists to interact with and become part of the established forensic science community. This is accomplished through meetings and educational sessions at the annual AAFS conference, a newsletter, a mentorship program, informational databases and this Web site.

The only requirement to be a participant of YFSF is a willingness to put in some time and effort and for you to be a current Student Affiliate, Trainee Affiliate, or Associate Member of the Academy or to have your application on file with the AAFS. If you need more information about joining the AAFS, visit the AAFS website membership requirements or contact Membership Services for an application and section requirements at 1-800-701-AAFS, fax them at (719) 636-1993 or email to Important information regarding the activities of the AAFS and the YFSF can be found on the online Academy News. Trainee Affiliates and Associate Members will receive a subscription to the Journal of Forensic Sciences; Student members may purchase a JFS subscription at a reduced rate.

AAFS Membership 

Are you interested in joining AAFS? If so, visit the AAFS website membership requirements or contact Membership Services for an application and section requirements at 1-800-701-AAFS, or Fax: (719) 636-1993, or e-mail: